If the universe is indeed spatially infinite, or if there are infinitely many universes, there would probably be some regions somewhere that started out in a smooth and uniform matter. It is a bit like the well-known hordes of monkeys hammering away on typewriters – most of what they write will be garbage, but very occasionally by pure chance they will type out one of Shakespeare’s sonnets 
- A brief history of Time, Stephen Hawkings 

The following images are the start of an exploration of finding place within landscape. Chasing work and adventure our family is in their third town in three years. The geographical change followed by the birth of our child left me artistically crippled. A place and time that should be the most inspiring had the opposite effect. The following pages are the beginnings of finding refuge in art once more, allowing myself to be inspired by the ultimate Mother, Nature. As I created life, the earth turns and creates unlimited possibilities for us. She feeds us, puts air in our lungs and shows us infinite wonders. Hawking’s wrote ‘we see the universe the way it is because we exist’ but I am finished with merely existing (p. 130).