The aim of the installation is to create a space which brings all elements together in order to give the women a voice. It also allows the viewer an opportunity to connect with the work in an intimate and controlled setting. Projected on the wall, the slowed video of my mother sewing the letters is a silent soundtrack to the reading. My mother, Margaret, in a sense is the matriarch that has already lived these lives. Collaboration and process has been so incredibly important to this project and this needs to be seen in the final install. The collaboration is shown as the needle and thread used by the sewing group to embroider the love letters will be left in the fabric as a signature. The process is prevalent as when the viewer enters the gallery space they will be met with a single hanging embroidered letter with a mirror placed, off set, behind it. The mirror is representative of the process, displaying the mess behind the sewn words. This letter is mine. It is me joining arms with the women and taking the first bullet so to speak.